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Mexico City, Mexico. Queensland, Australia, Oer-Erkenschwick in Germany: Many of my puppets have travelled farther than I ever did. here is a selection of my customers around the globe.

Some of my clients:

  • Ohnsorg-Theater, Hamburg
  • .mattomedia®, Advertising Agency,
  • St. Pauli Theater, Hamburg
  • Thomas Nicolai, Comedian, Berlin
  • Talpa Germany, TV-Production, Berlin
  • Komödie Winterhuder Fährhaus, Hamburg
  • Altonaer Theater, Hamburg
  • Sprechwerk, Off-Stage Hamburg
  • Christian Berg, Musicalproducer, Cuxhaven
  • Peter Nørgaard, Entertainer, Copenhagen
  • Solveig Røgler, Chansonière , Munich
  • Mónica Utrilla de Neira, Web-TV-Producer, Mexico City
  • Kolle Rebbe, Advertising Agency, Hamburg
  • Show to Know, Comedy Gameshow, Zurich
  • Karfunkel Puppet Theater, Burgpreppach

This is what the press has to say about my work:
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